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Autoimmune/Auto Inflammatory

Consistent with a war-like theme, auto-immune/auto-inflammatory disease conditions do not arise overnight, yet they are the cumulative result of many small battles lost over one’s lifetime. At any given moment, platelets carry non-lethal and lethal weaponry in a very small structure. Different receptors found on the surface of platelets enable them to sense the presence of viral pathogens. Restoring function through TruDOSE Platelet Therapy (both communication and operational) to dysfunctional cells is critical for long term healing of diseases in the auto-immune category. Talk to your doctor about how TruDOSE platelet therapy aids in the repair processes for autoimmune/auto-inflammatory conditions.

Please visit our Vimeo Channel to hear directly from patients and physicians about the power of TruDOSE™ Platelet Therapy in a wide range of physical conditions.

Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Testimonies
Insulin Improvement
Multiple Sclerosis
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