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There Is One Answer For Many Problems

Find out what we tapped into…

What Is TruDOSE™?

TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy is a patent pending regenerative treatment utilizing the healing power of your body’s own blood platelets. When given at the right dose, your platelets can restart your body’s immune system and repair system to get rid of systemic inflammation. Since 2018, TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy has treated thousands of patients around the globe with systemic inflammation and chronic conditions and gained a word of mouth following from patients. And, like Dr. Pryor said above, it can fix these conditions.


  • At the most basic understanding, TruDOSE™ IV Platelet Therapy is a minimally invasive blood draw similar to having your labs drawn.

  • The procedure begins with testing a few drops of your blood and is analyzed by TruDOSE™ Regenerative Technology.

  •  TruDOSE™ Regenerative technology utilizes proprietary metrics and analytics to determine a personalized, dose-specific treatment meant only for you and your specific condition.

  • Within minutes of the analyzing, a specific amount of blood is drawn from your arm and processed via centrifugation.

  • A 15 minute, two step centrifugation process is executed by the clinical staff to produce your personalized, dose specific TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy.

  • Once your therapy is ready, it is administered intravenously back into your arm by a medical provider.

  • The entire patient experience lasts about an hour from start to finish.


It's simple. Its minimally invasive. It's your blood with minimal risks. At the right dose, the TruDOSE™, this therapy can heal your body.

BII Causes Systemic Inflammation

Unresolved immune and repair issues cause systemic inflammation and break the body down (see video above). These unresolved issues force the body to sequentially shut off functions (cellular, organ, and metabolic) in an order only the body knows. As functions shut down in the body, symptoms arise along with disease conditions. This cycle keeps repeating itself until the body is simply stuck perpetually in a state of systemic inflammation.

Fixing Systemic Inflammation with TruDOSE™

Your platelets are the one thing circulating in your blood stream surveilling for two needs: repairs or immune issues. When your platelets see either need, they initiate your body’s repair and immune cycles to activate, and oversee the sequential healing activities.

When you infuse a dose specific, high concentration of your platelets back into the blood stream, your platelets essentially restart the repair and immune system.


At all times, your platelets are carrying all kinds of repair materials and weapons ready to deploy. When your repair/immune system is restarted by the TruDOSE™ IV therapy, your circulating platelets are now able to recognize what weapon or repair material is needed when they encounter these unresolved repairs or immune issues. The technical term for this is called “repair recognition” or “immune recognition”. Once the issue has the correct material from the platelet, these unresolved issues are able to exit out of their systemic inflammatory loops and complete their individual cycles. Now that the body is capable of completing these unresolved cycles; symptoms start going away, deep sleep starts happening, and disease start going away as your body reverses itself back to health.

Breast Explant Surgery & TruDOSE™

Surgical Explantation combined with TruDOSE IV platelet therapy is a proven combination to help reverse your symptoms and problems. 




Some symptoms of BII may include: Fatigue, or Chronic Fatigue, Cognitive Dysfunction, Brain Fog, Joint Pain & Soreness, Hair Loss, Dry Skin, Eyes, Mouth, and Hair, Easy Bruising, Slow Wound Healing, Low Libido, Vertigo, Skin Rashes, Burning Pain Around Chest Wall or Breasts, Fevers, Dehydration, Insomnia, Chronic Inflammation, Photo-Sensitivity, Nail Changes, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sudden Food Intolerances, Ringing In Ears, Digestive Issues, Metallic Taste In Mouth, Smell or Chemical Sensitivities, Recurring Sinus, Yeast, and UTI Infections

We know surgery stops the inflammation.

TruDOSE™ Therapy reverses the damage

Dr. Pryor's Approach with TruDOSE™

We know surgery helps but it's not the total solution. We have re-designed the complete healing process for BII by personalizing each patient's protocol and accompanying treatments found nowhere else in the world…like TruDOSE™.

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