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If you simply mask your symptoms with medication, whatever is causing the pain won’t be addressed and the pain will never be resolved. Whether your pain is mild or severe, it’s a consequence of an underlying condition or injury. When that condition or injury is treated, pain relief is the natural by-product.

Medication masks the symptoms.

TruDOSE™ Therapy reverses the damage.

Systemic Inflammation & Chronic Pain

Understanding Systemic Inflammation

The body's negative feedback loop of unresolved repairs and immune clearances

Video: Systemic Inflammation

TruDOSE™: A Personalized Approach to PRP

TruDOSE™ technology delivers patient-specific, therapeutic dosages of PRP, eliminates inconsistencies, and provides validated, customized, and highly concentrated PRP treatments for maximum results.

Video: Chronic Pain

USA Medical Research Institute Approach with TruDOSE™

With PRP injections, there is little to no downtime and you can continue on with your day after your appointment. The fact that it is made from your own blood means there is no risk for rejection, making it an ideal natural treatment for pain.


When the PRP is injected directly into the affected area, it will get to work repairing and rejuvenating your damaged tissues and will help boost your body’s own healing mechanism.

TruDOSE™ restarting the repair and immune system

Detoxing, repairing, and reversing systemic inflammation

Dr. Pryor and Tapley Hollan, the creator of TruDOSE™

Illness Related to Chronic Pain

Listen to doctors and patients around the country talk about their healing experiences from their TruDOSE™ therapy.

Dr. Peterson first 50 Lyme patients

Dr. Jones and mental disorders

Anxiety and depression

Join us for an in depth conversation.

Learn how Dr. Fissette has helped numerous patients with

Chronic Pain get their lives back using TruDOSE™ therapy.


7:30PM CST

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