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Dr. Naidoo & Tapley Holland, Founder of TruDOSE

What Is TruDOSE

TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy is a patent pending regenerative treatment utilizing the healing power of your body’s own blood platelets. When given at the right dose, your platelets can restart your body’s immune system and repair system to get rid of systemic inflammation. Since 2018, TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy has treated thousands of patients around the globe with systemic inflammation, chronic conditions, and childhood neurological conditions that has gained a word of mouth following from patients. And, like Dr. Naidoo says in the above video, the treatment is safe with nothing but benefits.


  • At the most basic understanding, TruDOSE™ IV Platelet Therapy is a minimally invasive blood draw similar to having your labs drawn.

  • The procedure begins with testing a few drops of your blood and is analyzed by TruDOSE™ Regenerative Technology.

  •  TruDOSE™ Regenerative technology utilizes proprietary metrics and analytics to determine a personalized, dose-specific treatment meant only for you and your specific condition.

  • Within minutes of the analyzing, a specific amount of blood is drawn from your arm and processed via centrifugation.

  • A 15 minute, two step centrifugation process is executed by the clinical staff to produce your personalized, dose specific TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy.

  • Once your therapy is ready, it is administered intravenously back into your arm by a medical provider.

  • The entire patient experience lasts about an hour from start to finish.


It's simple. Its minimally invasive. It's your blood with minimal risks. At the right dose, the TruDOSE™, this therapy can heal your body.

Understanding Systemic Inflammation

Unresolved immune and repair issues cause systemic inflammation and break the body down (see video above). These unresolved issues force the body to sequentially shut off functions (cellular, organ, and metabolic) in an order only the body knows. As functions shut down in the body, symptoms arise along with disease conditions. This cycle keeps repeating itself until the body is simply stuck in a perpetual state of systemic inflammation. When the body is in state of systemic inflammation, the body will neurologically create work-around wiring connections in the spirit of “life will always find a way”.  These work around re-rewired connections are simply not how the body was designed to operate and are the genesis of neurological spectrum disorders.

Rewiring The Neurologically Injured Brain With TruDOSE

Whether the condition is autism, dyslexia, seizures, cerebral palsy, mental disorders, or any other neurologically injured brain condition, they are all characterized within the medical literature as having visible disruption to the blood vessel and neuron architecture of the brain. When these blood vessels and neurons become injured, your body adjusts by sprouting ones from the injured ones. In a sense, your body created a rewiring hack. However, these rewiring hacks are not the original connections and therefore you have neurological spectrum disorders of all kinds.

Your platelets carry all kinds of growth factors for healing. Surprisingly, they are the only thing in the body that carries the two growth factors specifically needed for new blood vessel formation (VEGF) and new neuron growth (BDNF). When you infuse a dose specific, high concentration of your platelets back into the blood stream, your platelets not only restart your body’s repair and immune system but have a system priority to fix neurological things first.

From 2 year old infants to 98 year old adults, the TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy has treated thousands of neurological injured people and reversed conditions you thought were not possible to reverse. And we have the brain data to prove it! In addition, part of our long term data collection has been patient journals and interviews…thousands of them, especially the neurologically injured. Literally, the only way these patients can articulate or describe the healing effects of the  TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy is doing to their body is by saying, “It feels like it's rewiring my brain.” And we’ve heard that a thousand times.

Cerebral Palsy, Seizures, Autism, and Dyslexia

Listen to amazing testimonies from real life moms and learn how their children's brains are being healed with TruDOSE™ IV platelet therapy.


Join us for an in depth conversation.

Learn how Dr. Naidoo has helped numerous patients

with Autism get their lives back using TruDOSE™ therapy.

7:30PM CST

Your blood. Dose Specific. Personalized

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